Feeling Positive

My last post was about recovering from a wobble. I hadn't felt myself for some time but was starting to feel better. I'm feeling good at the moment. It's not that everything is perfect but that's okay. I'm accepting the imperfections. One process that I'm finding helps is redirecting my focus. Shifting my attention from... Continue Reading →


Recovering From a Wobble

I've not posted for a while. I've not really been in the right place to post. A lot of stuff has happened that has left me feeling overwhelmed and rather broken. However, I feel like I'm on the mend. I've realised that I'm surrounded by many more caring, patient people than I ever realised. Something... Continue Reading →


I've not been in a good place emotionally for a while. Life seems a bit of a roller-coaster. Not everything is bad by any means. There are lots of great things in my life for which I'm truly grateful: my husband; work, and my furry family to mention a few. But, I feel lonely. Not... Continue Reading →

An Adventure

I'm my last post, I briefly mentioned that I'd been a little overwhelmed and had needed to disconnect. Something that has made a massive difference to how I've been feeling is the sudden planing of a holiday. Having something to focus on and look forward to has lifted my spirits like nothing else. We were... Continue Reading →

I Am Not My Hair

This is my first post in some time. I've been a little overwhelmed... mainly with work stress and needed to retreat a bit. I'm feeling much better now. Right now onto the post. I am a guy with long, greying, curly hair. It's taken me a long time to work out how to tame my... Continue Reading →

The Last Jedi

I have always loved Star Wars. The old films, the new there's something nostalgic to them. They remind me of simpler times. As an adult I really appreciate the concept of "The Force" and the spiritual concepts explored in the stories. I see "The Force" as spirit. The energy that surrounds us and moves through... Continue Reading →

It’s getting easier

I love being vegan and there's no part of me that would ever go back to eating omnivorously. It's pretty easy to find things to eat at home and interesting to substitute ingredients in recipes to make familiar favourites. Eating out isn't as easy. In fact, there are times when it can be near impossible... Continue Reading →

A Bad Day

I find the festive season tricky to get through (my Birthday too). I look forward to it; I get excited, and there are lots of lovely enjoyable moments. I appreciate the the gifts I receive and find pleasure in giving to others. However, alongside those good times I carry sadness. It's just below the surface,... Continue Reading →


Part of the reason I started blogging was to hopefully inspire other people to go vegan. I figured that, by gently chipping away, maybe people would begin to see that there are kinder ways to live than the way we are conditioned by society. Not much had changed as far as I was aware but... Continue Reading →

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