Sticks and Stones

Last week, I shared videos from Shane Koyczan (To this day) and Brooks Gibbs (The Golden Rule); it was anti-bullying week in the UK. These videos inspired thought on the old adage "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me". In fact, a line in "To this day" makes specific... Continue Reading →


The Golden Rule

Yesterday, I posted about it being anti-bullying week in the UK. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a video that really caught my professional interest.  It featured Brooks Gibbs, an author and speaker, talking about bullying. More specifically he talked about empowering the victim of bullying. So much of what we do to... Continue Reading →

To This Day

It's Anti-bullying week in the UK this week. As a teacher of young humans, this is a busy time and with an increased awareness of bullying the weeks that follow are also important and focused on how we treat one another. I came across this poem by Shane Koyczan a few years ago and it needs to... Continue Reading →

A Samhain Journey

So on the 31st of October I took a shamanic journey to commune with loved ones that have transitioned. It was a special experience. I tried to make it more of a special event; finally setting up my altar and creating a sacred space in which to Journey. I used a longer drumming track than I normally... Continue Reading →

Blessed Samhain

For a long time Samhain has been about honouring my ancestors and those who have transitioned. Usually, I light a candle and spend a little time remembering those special souls that touched my life. This year, I plan to do a little more and explore some shamanic practices. I want to spend some time journeying with... Continue Reading →

Attraction and Allowing

I'm very much into the teachings of Abraham Hicks via Esther Hicks. I was attracted to them many years ago and they've massively shaped my life. The teachings focus mainly on the law of attraction. We move through our lives asking: wanting experiences; abundance; health, for material things. It's the natural way of life. The... Continue Reading →

Positive Change

On Friday, I realised that I've changed in an unexpected and very positive way. I'm more at ease and generally more positive. Events and situations that would normally increase my levels of stress significantly haven't as much as they would previously. The week before last, I had a lesson/performance observation (I'm a teacher). Historically, such... Continue Reading →

A Happy update

A couple of weeks ago I chose a word to focus on. A word that would be a positive focal point- very succinct affirmation if you will. I chose the word "happy" and posted about it here. I do feel a little happier and more balanced. I'm quite sensitive at times and there are periods when... Continue Reading →

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